Thursday, May 2, 2013

Silly side note

I remember my mom getting AARP letters in the mail and complaining that she wasn't that old. I was maybe 10, so that would make my mom 43ish. Well, Mom, I've got you beat. I just got my first AARP junk mail today. And I'm only 28!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Strawberry Patch

So it's more like a bowl, but I have strawberries!!! Today Rob and I went to a nursery and bought a bowl and soil, and fertilizer, and strawberry plants!

Then we went and bought them (cause paying is important, we wouldn't want to be thieves... :) )
We then went home and ate lunch (we were hungry) And then we planted STRAWBERRIES!!! Here's Rob with the finished product:

And then the plants themselves:

Anyway, I am excited for the strawberries. We have rabbits (and squirrels)  in the neighborhood and I don't want them eating my strawberries, so we bought a deterrent. What it is is a mix of soil and dried cow and pig blood. Apparently the smell (which I can't smell, but bunnies have better sniffers than me) makes the critters think that something has died around the plants, so they won't come and investigate the new  plants. Hopefully it will work, and I will get my strawberries! Don't worry about us, I didn't spread the critter protectant on the plant, just the soil around it, and I will wash the strawberries before I eat them. (We'll see if Rob get's any :P )

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Weigh In

So I weighed myself. I did, I got on the scale, looked down, and read 165. I was ecstatic. So I weighed myself again to be sure, and it was 168. Not as ecstatic. Then I thought "I lost 7 pounds! That's Awesome!" (plus I was mad at the scale for misleading me) So that is my weight. I am proud to be 168. Go me!